New years resolution?

I get it

sometimes, you just can’t do it

you’re really trying but you can’t

on the eve of new years 2k16 my friend cado just couldn’t

The clock had not reached 12 yet before she fell out of her chair. She kept on repeating , “It hurts” and overtime I would respond, “what hurts cado.”

Poor girl, couldn’t even sit in her chair for a minute. Just some fuel for thought, but maybe we all need to work on not getting so blackout? Maybe as a new years resolution?

Maybe one day .. we’ll all be mature enough to have “a drink” instead of getting so blackout that we cannot sit in a chair.

Idk tho


— fishsauce


What lips my lips have kissed

As the warmth hovers her lips, she quivers. The steamy scent elevates her as her eyes gloss over. Her tongue begins to uncover each sensation as she closes her eyes in satisfaction. She dives in once again, to find herself pleased by the temporary supply of ultimate bliss.


This is how my best friend eats her pizza.


It is almost unfair how easily we can get pizza at any time, any where.. and at any state of mind. Sicilian seems to be the popular choice amongst our friends. Sometimes we go to the location on quinpool but more often we go to pizza corner at 3am. As you stumble towards the counter trying not to awkwardly stare at the workers, you try to arrange your thoughts. Here are how the thoughts usually work..

“Is that pizza?”

“ok, theres pizza”

“is there pepperoni”


“but do they have donair sauce?”

“FUCK YES theres donair sauce!!”

“okay so wheres my money?”

“holy shit I’m fucked”


and then you get your pizza


As you stumble back to your seat, you’re not even looking as to where you’re going. Your eye is on the prize, and the prize, is the pizza. Your friends are talking about the night but you could care less. You’re thinking “how the fuck is this so good” and you’re eating at the speed of light.


And then it hits you


You’re so full, you can’t finish the Sicilian slice (basically a quarter of a pizza) – you feel sick


The night usually ends here



– fishsauce