Nothing Special

A few months ago something none of us saw coming happened. Hag instigated a bar fight

it started like this..

Bin and Hag were at the dome,  they were breakin it down on the stage with the poles when this black guy came over dancing like a wacky waving inflatable arm flaking tube man, he accidentally elbowed this b-I-t-c-h in the head.

Now this bitch turns around and goes

“did you just ducking elbow me I the head bitch”

and the black guy comes back and goes “oh sorry man that was me my bad”

still for the rest of the night this bar skank is staring like she has something to say, finally she turns around and goes

“what are you looking at bitch”

and Hag turns around and goes

“definitely nothing special sweetheart”

This monster on the stage turns around and goes

“what the fuck did you just say”

and grabs Hags hair and punches her in the face, Bin jumps in with the fuck no and puts her foot on the girls stomach to keep her away.

Security grabs This monster bitch and drags them out, they didn’t even go after bin and hag.

So moral of the story is when you go to the dome and think you’re looking all bomb and shit, don’t ask what someone’s looking at because you might be in for a rude awakening when they reply “nothing special”



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