Cottage lovin’

Some of the best nights are the ones you don’t remember.. Fish Sauce know all about that.

The night started out as a fun night at the cottage .. That is until Fish Sause smoked 10 cigars in an hour and pretty much went into a coma on the back deck

(at least the view was nice)

little did she know she would miss one of the most hilarious nights imaginable.

Let me tell you a little something about our friend Cado, she has no shame when she drinks.

Youll never believe me when I say that family cottage turned into a world class strip joint after Cados 8th shot of Kracken.

The booty cheeks

Were popin’

and god damn was it ever funny.

After about a solid three hours of twerking in people’s mouths the house grew quiet… That is before everyone awoke to


I sit up to see one of the guys sitting on another guys lap drinking a beer waving through the window while driving a drivable lawn mower …

Poor Fish Sauce



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